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How Can I Clean Up Those Streaks On My Roof?

Roof streak cleaning

If your home is one of the millions in America that has an asphalt-shingled roof, then chances are you've taken a look up there and seen large, dark, streaky stains all over it. What is that stuff, anyway? Is it dirt? Is it soot? Is it mold? And more importantly, what's it doing on my roof?

While there is the odd outlier, 9 times out of 10 those streaks you see on your shingles are due to black algae, and while they're not immediately dangerous to you or your family, you should still try to get them cleaned up as soon as possible.

What Is Black Algae?

Gloeocapse magma, more commonly known as black algae, is a single-cell organism that grows in huge colonies. Black algae can thrive on just about any exterior surface with enough moisture and access to sunlight, but it especially thrives on asphalt shingles, for reasons we'll explain in a moment. While technically containing green chlorophyll like any other algae, it turns a blackish color when it dries, hence the name.

Why Is Black Algae Bad News?

Black algae isn't a common allergen, nor is it acutely toxic to most people. What it is, however, is a hazard to your roofing materials.

Gloeocapsa magma feeds off of several substances commonly found in asphalt shingles, particularly the limestone they contain. As it consumes the limestone components, it slowly weakens the shingles over time.

The large algae growths also absorb the sunlight, rather than reflecting it back. As the algae covers more and more of your roof, your roof starts absorbing more heat rather than reflecting it back out, making your house hotter and your HVAC system have to work harder to keep your place cool.

Finally, algae growth paves the way for more invasive growths to take over your roof. Algae that comes into contact with fungus can turn into lichen, which clings to your shingles even more aggressively than algae. This can lead to moss growth, which adds excess weight to your roof and can provide coverage from sunlight where mold can grow. Algae may not seem like a big problem now, but it can cascade into a major roofing crisis if not taken care of quickly.

How Do I Get Rid Of Black Algae On My Roof?

The solution to roof algae is simple: call Mr Deed's Pressure Washing LLC and request their expert roof cleaning service. We treat your roof carefully with a safe soft wash- a low-pressure alternative to standard pressure washing- that gently saturates your roof with an antibacterial detergent. This detergent kills algae and its spores as well as any other unwanted plant of fungal growth up there. It also breaks down any stains and cleans up other debris on your shingles. Once we're done rinsing your roof clean, there will be no trace left of the invasive algae.

Knowing that harmful organisms are growing on your roof can be distressing, but take comfort in knowing that roof cleaning is a simple and efficient fix to the problem. If you'd like to have one of Mr. Deed's excellent pressure washing technicians clean up your roof, give us a call today at 281-850-0671 and request a free estimate. We look forward to helping you achieve a secure and spotless roof.

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