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How do I get rid of rust stains around my property?


If you are looking for someone to help get rid of your rust stains around your home or property on the Houston or Katy, Texas area look no further. Mr Deeds Pressure Washing is knowledgeable with getting rid of many stubborn stains.

In our area of the country, we have many instances of rust and we provide rust removal services with our clients. Rust can form on a multitude of surfaces including, concrete driveways from irrigation stains, steel rebar in the concrete slabs that are exposed or leaking to the surface, steel fences that have been exposed to the steel (shipped paint) and can drip onto the concrete.

Rust can also form on the side of the home due to an air conditioner’s evaporator coil that is producing water which is dripping down the side of the home or out of the facia boards near the attic vents and causing orange streaks of rust on windows, shingles, or painted surfaces.

Rust can start to form on the very top of your chimney where the metal caps get exposed to the elements and form a long line of rust. Sometimes there are nails in brick walls that get rust over time that will cause streaks. If you have any of these issues, we can help!

How is rust formed?


When rain (water with a pH level of 5.6-5.8) which is acidic, falls from the sky and lands on surfaces including concrete, steel and iron, the acids in the rain water cause a chemical reaction that can turns some metals into a brown or orange byproduct called rust. Oxygen and water cause the chemical reaction in iron or steel to create a new chemical called rust. The only metals that can rust are iron and steel. Other chemicals can fade or dull, but they will not stain or produce rust stains.

Leaving an iron nail on the ground will cause a stain. There is enough moisture in the air to start the process. Rust forms faster when you add water or more moisture. Moisture (water molecules) and steel or iron starts a chemical process and rust is formed. This is why you always find rust under the feet of your patio furniture or stainless steel grills. The water will pool or stand on the ground and start breaking down the metals to form the rust.

Rust is essentially “Iron Oxide” and is a form of corrosion that forms from moisture. It can stain may surfaces including concrete, windows, brick, painted surfaces and more.

How is rust removed from surfaces?


Rust stains can be unsightly and a real eyesore depending on where it is located. We have had some customers try and remove it themselves with over the counter bought “rust removers” from the hardware store and etched or ruined concrete, windows, or other surfaces. If you try to do it yourself, understand that pressure will not lift or remove the stain.

If you go out and pour store bought acids on the stains, realize that you must neutralize the acid and rinse thoroughly. There is a strict process to rust removal and if done wrong, it can be dangerous or cause property damage. If you need rust removal, please feel free to reach out to Mr. Deeds Pressure Washing.

We use a professional grade and “top of the line” product to lift and remove rust stains. We make sure that we get the right dilution and strength before attempting to dissolve the iron oxide and rust. We do not use a high acidic blend to remove stains and sometimes take two to three applications before the stain is lifted or gone. We do the job right.

When rust is removed, the acids eat away at the iron oxide and leaves behind salt. Sometimes the process will turn the orange rust into a white haze. This is the salts left behind from the chemical process. If you have a driveway slab that has some rust stains on it, the whole slab from corner to corner must be cleaned with the rust remover. If you were to apply to each small stain and not the whole area, there may be instances of white salts left behind and it may stand out on the concrete pad.

The chemical process turns rust into salt and looks much better than a red or brown stain on the patio or streaking down the side of the home. If you are going to use an acid to remove the stains yourself, please use protection for your eyes and skin. Using an acid around the home requires proper PPE and should be used by a professional.

Mr Deeds wants your business, and we want to help you make your home or property look great. If you need exterior cleaning or rust removal give us a call at 281-850-0671.

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