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What is House Washing?

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House Washing is the method of spraying an application of commercial soaps and surfactants to the side of your home to dwell and release the dirt and grime to neutralize the growth. We clean homes using no high pressure, ever. You won't believe how nice your home will look after a house wash. The paint and windows will all look rejuvenated and fresh.

We use a soft wash method or application to wash, rinse and clean your home. The water pressure used on your home is a tad bit more than garden hose strength. It is safe so that windows, paint, and bricks are not damaged. We are serious about safety and property protection.

A house wash cleaning consists of the vertical sides of the home. Including: all the painted surfaces, windows, doors (not stained), outsides of the gutters and bricks. Essentially, the entire home and garage will be cleaned to remove dirt and green algae.

Black algae, “like the stuff growing behind the air conditioner” requires a different cleaning method with more attention to plants and overspray. Removing the black growth below 3 feet around the home is included. There is a lot of runoff from the roof that causes this, but higher up dark growth (chimneys) or very dirty walls require additional attention to detail and care.

Many of my clients are “first timers” (Meaning the client has never had their house washed before) who were referred to me by friends or found me referred on Next-door and Facebook. Some clients have recently moved to Houston and are now surprised to find this green stuff growing all over the north side of their home all the sudden one day. The humid Houston climate is a feeding ground for organic growth on homes, driveways, roofs and pool decks. If it is outside, it is going to get dirty!

Over time dirt and dust in the air settles on surfaces (your home) and accumulates. If you add moisture to the areas, mildew and algae can grow because of the organics living in the dirt. Back splash from roof rain runoff can quickly make your driveway and bricks get dirty faster.

The north sides of homes are notorious for algae growth because of the lack of direct sunlight most of the day and year. The shade of the day leaves the morning dew and moisture on the surface of homes longer and allows visible growth over time.

Green algae grows in areas that provide enough shade and moisture to allow it to thrive and turn green essentially. Mildew and mold spores are all over the home and are all around us. There are billions of spores in every cubic yard of air outside and are constantly landing on everything.

When customers get their home washed, They are essentially hitting the reset button on the growth. We neutralize the growth on the exterior of the home, as well as removing cobwebs, dirt, pollen, etc. Over time it will grow back. But much slower than “when a guy blasted away the mildew with just pressure washing” and not treating the growth.

Mud daubers and nests need special attention at times and cannot be guaranteed to be removed 100% due to the nature of how difficult they can be to clean with low pressure. They are essentially bee or wasp cement homes. Pueblos built on the side of your home, Assembled with bee spit and mud. The acid in the bee saliva makes it erode and caustic to the areas around the mud nest. Paints and brick may have a shadow or stain from the mud.

Our soft wash process begins with identifying safety measures and areas around the property. We cover outlets, key holes, electronic equipment, stainless steel grills and stained wooden doors on the home as well because we want to protect your property as best that we can.

We look out for trouble areas like open vents or broken windows. We look out for plants and their proximity to the work zone. If we can move them we will. If they are part of the landscaping, we do our best to cover or treat plants so that they are unharmed by hoses or the cleaning process. We move small items away from the side of the home and porch for you as well.

After your house wash, we go back around the property and rinse down plants and move furniture back where it belongs. We also use a neutralizing agent that we spray on plants to ensure they are free of our house wash soaps and are safe and healthy.

People, Property, Pets, and Plants are our main focus and priority on every job. We do not want to cause you any problems or damage. We work slowly and carefully to ensure that every job is done to the best of our ability and to your satisfaction.

Remember that even though we use a pressure washing wand, it is not a magic wand. Your property comes clean from years of industry application, knowledge and expertise.

Remember, we can also clean your windows, gutters, pool decks, and more!

Trust your property to the professionals at Mr. Deeds Pressure Washing.

*Mr. Deed’s is Plant and Property Safety Certified with Spray Wash Academy 2021.

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